Wet Shaving

Why Wet Shave

There are many reasons to switch from cartridge razors (or even electric razors) to a more traditional way of wet shaving.  A thorough wet shave can be a luxury.  Wet shaving blades cost pennies on the dollar compared to cartridges.  A fresh single blade gives a closer shave with less irritation.  With wet shaving you can have a better experience, closer shave and save money.

Components of A wet Shave

Shave Soap

Shave soaps main purpose is to protect your face while shaving.  It should provide excellent lubrication for your blade as well as a great post shave feel.  Our soaps are supper fatted with a blend of skin loving butters and made with lanolin and coconut milk to give that great post shave feel.

The Brush

Shaving brush style comes down largely to preference.  The two main types of knots are badger and synthetic (some people also use Boar), and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Badger knots should be pre-soaked before shaving but offer a great lather and shave experience.  Synthetic knots dry quicker but retain less water and heat.  Both types will offer a great shave.

Pre-Shave Oil

Pre shave oils add an extra layer of protection, and slickness to your shave, and can help cut down on razor burn, and razor bumps.

Razor and Blade

Whether single edge, double edge, two piece, three piece, twist to open, or adjustable, there are many great razors to meet all types facial hair.  The Merkur 34c is considered less aggressive razor, and is a great starter razor.  All of our razors ship with a free pack of blades to get you started, and blades can be found online for pennies.


All shaving puts stress on the skin.  Aftershaves are designed to sterilize (the sting), then heal, as well as provide a pleasant scent.  Our aftershaves are made with aloe leaf juice, allantoin, glycerin, and witch hazel, and scented to match our soaps.