Post Shave Tonic Samples

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Want to try a few different scents out?  We offer samples of all of our scents including seasonal releases.

  • Post-shave tonic samples come in 10ml bottles good for 3-6 shaves
  • Flip top for mess-free pouring
  • Mix and match or scents or try our full set
  • Made with Aloe and Witch hazel 

***Due to the alcohol content, these cannot be shipped outside of the continental US and must be shipped by ground***


  • Emerald City - Bright Green With Amber and Lime
  • Oilcan - Tobacco Bourbon
  • Tik-Tok - Coffee and Tobacco
  • Tornadic - Fougère and Mahogany
  • Foxville - Pepper, Absinthe and Lime
  • Woodchopper - Sandalwood and  Oakmoss
  • Yellow Brick - Vetiver, and Bergamot
  • 40 Crows - Oakmoss, Violet, Neroli, and Bergamot
  • Jack Pumpkin Head - Oud, Spice, and Pumpkim Lager